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The Research Vessel Gyre

The RV Gyre


Fire Extinguisher Inspection      
Fire Safety Plan USCG Minimum Safe Manning Document    
GMDSS-Shore Based Maintenance SCBA Cert    
International Load Line Cert SCUBA Tank-NA    
International Load Line Annual Surveys SMS Cert    
IOPP SMS Doc   Load Test Cert
ISPS Code SSP approval USCG Stability Book   Life Raft Annual
ISPS Code Stability Letter    
ABS International Tonnage Cert Stability Test


Life Raft - Annual Tank Tables    
NTVRP Tonnage Reconciliation USCG    
Operator's Letter-NA Trim Stability Loading Manual    
Pest Control Research Vessel Designation Letter USCG    
Life Raft Hydrostatic Release Cert Financial Responsibility    
Certificate of Liability Insurance Cert of Documentation    
  Certificate of Insurance-P&I      

Deck Layout / F&S Plan
Deck Dimensions


  • OFFICIAL (IMO) NUMBER: 73189900
  • MMSI NUMBER: 338441000
  • HULL NUMBER: 375/AGOR-21
  • BUILT BY: Halter Marine Services New Orleans, Louisiana
  • OPERATIONAL: 1974, Remodeled in 1980-84 with the addition of a new deckhouse.


  • LENGTH OA: 182 ft - 55.47 m
  • BEAM: 36 ft - 10.97 m
  • MAX. DRAFT: 12 ft - 4 m
  • TONNAGE (LONG TONS): 292 gross, 197 net, 946 displacement.
  • SPEED: Maximum, 11.5 knots; cruising, 9.5; minimum continuously variable to 0.
  • FUEL CAPACITY: 86,000 gallons (278 m3)
  • WATER CAPACITY: 8,600 gallons
  • EVAPORATORS: 2 Maxims, 60 GPH, (6 m3/day)
  • CLEAN WATER: Uncontaminated sea water available in main lab.
  • RANGE, NOMINAL: 8,000 miles
  • ENDURANCE: 21 days nominal, 35 days
  • COMPLEMENT: Scientists/technicians 23, crew 14
  • MAIN PROPULSION: Twin Diesel Caterpillars Model 398D, reduction gear drive to Liaaen variable pitch propellors; 850 HP each shaft.
  • BOW THRUSTER: Electric/hydraulic drive, continuously variable speed, through transverse tunnel in forefoot.
  • SHIP SERVICE GENERATORS: Twin diesel Caterpillars model 379B, 300 KVA each, giving primary power of 440 VAC, 3 PHASE.
  • AUXILIARY GENERATOR: 60 KVA located on upper deck
  • POWER AVAILABLE: 440 VAC 3 PH; 110 VAC 1 PH and 3 PH; limited amount of 220 VAC. Power isolation and regulation available for scientific use in main and electronics laboratories. 7KVA UPS equipped.
  • COMPRESSED AIR: Ship's service air available at selected points in the working areas.
  • WATER: Hot/cold fresh and salt water available in laboratory areas and on deck.
  • SEWAGE: Disposal via holding tanks.


  • Navigational Equipment: Radar Loran SatNav Gyro EMLog DopLog
  • Communications Equipment: Fax SatCom
  • Satellite Communications Equipment: Iridium
  • GPS: Unknown
  • Furuno Universal AIS FA-100
  • Magnavox MX200 GPS Navigator
  • Magnavox MX420 GPS Navigator
  • Furuno GPS Navigator GP-90 Tokimec
  • TD 201 Doppler Log Compaq Presario (NAV Comp) 56,000 CL
  • Furuno Videosonar FCV-271
  • Furuno RDP-122 Radar
  • Furuno RDP-060 Radar
  • VH1 - ICOM
  • Mitsubishi - M-Sat
  • Iridium KVH Track Phone Mini-M Fleet 33 - 881-621-449-967
  • Furuno Fax 210 Weather Fax Vantage Pro Davis Instruments - Weather Station
  • Ratheon SP-1; CESP III; PTR; PDD - Sub-bottom Profiler
  • Best Power - Power conditioner
  • Echosounders: Raytheon 3kHz 12kHz
  • Sonar Type: Unknown


  • REFRIGERATORS/FREEZERS: Chest and upright refrigerators/freezers in labs.
  • COMPUTER/DATA LOGGING: TCP/IP network, 2 pentium4 PC's in Lab
  • VANS: Deck space for one standard-size van is available on the main deck aft. A (10'x12') reefer/freezer van is on board.
  • DECK AREA: 181 m2 Oceanographic machinery and equipment can be mounted to the deck utilizing 1" bolts on a 2' grid with no welding requirement.
  • LABORATORY AREAS: Wet Labs Area: 15 m2, Dry Lab Area: 81 m2, Space for container lab: 3 x 7 m.


  • A-FRAMES: Two heavy-duty hydraulically-actuated A-Frames are located on the stern, one facing aft over the stern and the other over the starboard quarter. They are both rated at 15 tons.
  • CRANES: A Nautilus fully-articulated hydraulic crane is situated on the port side of the fantail. It has 360 degree rotation, and a 2.5 tons capacity at the full extension of 36'.
  • WINCHES: The coring winch is an electric/hydraulic Northernline Model 3355 EHHOW, located on the main deck aft for stern or starboard quarter heavy-duty operations. Wire length is about 4,000m of half-inch three strand torque balanced wire with a SWL of 6 tons. At mid-range, the drum has 30,000 lbs of line pull at 60m/minute (low range), or 8000 lbs of line pull at 200m/minute (Low range).
  • Two CTD/"hydro" winches are located on the starboard side, amidships, on the upper deck. They lead overboard through paired hydraulic-powered gallows, and are used for medium-duty operations. One is a modified Northernline model 3353 EHLOW, SCR/DC drive, spooling 23,000' of 5/16" conductor cable (SWL 2 tons). At bare-drum it pulls 3,500lbs at 500ft/minute. The other is a Markey model DESH-5, SCR/DC drive, spooling 30,000' of 5/16" conductor cable. It has two speed ranges; at mid-drum on low speed, it pulls 7,000lbs at 298ft/minute; on high speed, it pulls 5,000lbs at 419ft/minute.
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