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The Research Vessel Gyre


  • OFFICIAL (IMO) NUMBER: 73189900
  • MMSI NUMBER: 338441000
  • HULL NUMBER: 375/AGOR-21
  • BUILT BY: Halter Marine Services New Orleans, Louisiana
  • OPERATIONAL: 1974, Remodeled in 1980-84 with the addition of a new deckhouse.


  • LENGTH OA: 182 ft - 55.47 m
  • BEAM: 36 ft - 10.97 m
  • MAX. DRAFT: 12 ft - 4 m
  • TONNAGE (LONG TONS): 292 gross, 197 net, 946 displacement.
  • SPEED: Maximum, 11.5 knots; cruising, 9.5; minimum continuously variable to 0.
  • FUEL CAPACITY: 86,000 gallons (278 m3)
  • WATER CAPACITY: 8,600 gallons
  • EVAPORATORS: 2 Maxims, 60 GPH, (6 m3/day)
  • CLEAN WATER: Uncontaminated sea water available in main lab.
  • RANGE, NOMINAL: 8,000 miles
  • ENDURANCE: 21 days nominal, 35 days
  • COMPLEMENT: Scientists/technicians 23, crew 14
  • MAIN PROPULSION: Twin Diesel Caterpillars Model 398D, reduction gear drive to Liaaen variable pitch propellors; 850 HP each shaft.
  • BOW THRUSTER: Electric/hydraulic drive, continuously variable speed, through transverse tunnel in forefoot.
  • SHIP SERVICE GENERATORS: Twin diesel Caterpillars model 379B, 300 KVA each, giving primary power of 440 VAC, 3 PHASE.
  • AUXILIARY GENERATOR: 60 KVA located on upper deck
  • POWER AVAILABLE: 440 VAC 3 PH; 110 VAC 1 PH and 3 PH; limited amount of 220 VAC. Power isolation and regulation available for scientific use in main and electronics laboratories. 7KVA UPS equipped.
  • COMPRESSED AIR: Ship's service air available at selected points in the working areas.
  • WATER: Hot/cold fresh and salt water available in laboratory areas and on deck.
  • SEWAGE: Disposal via holding tanks.


  • Navigational Equipment: Radar Loran SatNav Gyro EMLog DopLog
  • Communications Equipment: Fax SatCom
  • Satellite Communications Equipment: Iridium
  • GPS: Unknown
  • Furuno Universal AIS FA-100
  • Magnavox MX200 GPS Navigator
  • Magnavox MX420 GPS Navigator
  • Furuno GPS Navigator GP-90 Tokimec
  • TD 201 Doppler Log Compaq Presario (NAV Comp) 56,000 CL
  • Furuno Videosonar FCV-271
  • Furuno RDP-122 Radar
  • Furuno RDP-060 Radar
  • VH1 - ICOM
  • Mitsubishi - M-Sat
  • Iridium KVH Track Phone Mini-M Fleet 33 - 881-621-449-967
  • Furuno Fax 210 Weather Fax Vantage Pro Davis Instruments - Weather Station
  • Ratheon SP-1; CESP III; PTR; PDD - Sub-bottom Profiler
  • Best Power - Power conditioner
  • Echosounders: Raytheon 3kHz 12kHz
  • Sonar Type: Unknown


  • REFRIGERATORS/FREEZERS: Chest and upright refrigerators/freezers in labs.
  • COMPUTER/DATA LOGGING: TCP/IP network, 2 pentium4 PC's in Lab
  • VANS: Deck space for one standard-size van is available on the main deck aft. A (10'x12') reefer/freezer van is on board.
  • DECK AREA: 181 m2 Oceanographic machinery and equipment can be mounted to the deck utilizing 1" bolts on a 2' grid with no welding requirement.
  • LABORATORY AREAS: Wet Labs Area: 15 m2, Dry Lab Area: 81 m2, Space for container lab: 3 x 7 m.


  • A-FRAMES: Two heavy-duty hydraulically-actuated A-Frames are located on the stern, one facing aft over the stern and the other over the starboard quarter. They are both rated at 15 tons.
  • CRANES: A Nautilus fully-articulated hydraulic crane is situated on the port side of the fantail. It has 360 degree rotation, and a 2.5 tons capacity at the full extension of 36'.
  • WINCHES: The coring winch is an electric/hydraulic Northernline Model 3355 EHHOW, located on the main deck aft for stern or starboard quarter heavy-duty operations. Wire length is about 4,000m of half-inch three strand torque balanced wire with a SWL of 6 tons. At mid-range, the drum has 30,000 lbs of line pull at 60m/minute (low range), or 8000 lbs of line pull at 200m/minute (Low range).
  • Two CTD/"hydro" winches are located on the starboard side, amidships, on the upper deck. They lead overboard through paired hydraulic-powered gallows, and are used for medium-duty operations. One is a modified Northernline model 3353 EHLOW, SCR/DC drive, spooling 23,000' of 5/16" conductor cable (SWL 2 tons). At bare-drum it pulls 3,500lbs at 500ft/minute. The other is a Markey model DESH-5, SCR/DC drive, spooling 30,000' of 5/16" conductor cable. It has two speed ranges; at mid-drum on low speed, it pulls 7,000lbs at 298ft/minute; on high speed, it pulls 5,000lbs at 419ft/minute.
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