Our Quality System

We place great value on achieving our mission, and, as a first principle, operating personally and professionally under the umbrella of basic values we have in common. We have developed and have in place a Quality System to help guide us.

ABS Quality Symbol - Cert No. 45083TDI-Brooks International, Inc.- B&B Laboratories holds certificate number 45083 and operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the following scope:The Analysis of Geochemical, Geotechnical and Environmental Samples

This certification validates that all our processes are fully established, functional and meet international standards. We strive to not only meet, but also exceed our customer’s expectations with respect to data quality, documentation, and timeliness. Our management complies with this quality policy by putting quality first in all of our operations. We focus on being one of the best trace organic laboratories in the nation through performance based, blind test exercises conducted by US federal agencies. Our surface geochemical exploration (SGE) and geotechnical laboratories service the international geochemical and geotechnical coring operations of our parent company, TDI-Brooks International, Inc. TDI-Brooks requires timely, accurate and consistent data from our geochemical and geotechnical laboratories. Our team is our greatest asset. We encourage them to accept ownership and responsibility of their work as we promote employee advancement through training and education. We are committed to continual improvement, and we will correct and prevent deficiencies related to data quality. We value working safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.

This Quality System includes tools and elements such as our Quality Management Plan (QMP), Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) for our various projects, a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that detail our analytical process, sets of Minimum Detection Limit (MDL) data that address our ability to analyze samples for trace quantities of analytes, Control Charts for monitoring of precision and accuracy, safety and training documents, records, and requirements, a network of logs, a Data Management System, an organizational structure, experience requirements, audits, and other support elements. Our Quality System is a structured and documented management system describing our values, objectives, policies, organizational authority, responsibilities, accountability, and implementation plan for ensuring high quality in our analytical services and scientific interpretations. The objective of our Quality System is to provide an effective process for management’s review and oversight during planning, implementing, and assessment of our environmental and geochemical programs. This process is important for providing guidance to management toward mission-focus and for providing tools for quantifying the practice of our common values.

Our QMP is management’s statement of the process governing the QA/QC activities and protocols. It describes how our company will conduct its business in terms of the standard elements of the Quality System we have implemented. These elements include our common values, our policies and their implementation, our organizational structure, the functional responsibilities of our management and staff, our lines of authority, and the required teaming for those who plan, implement, and assess our activities. Adherence to these standards ensures that the data are of the appropriate type and quality for their intended programmatic use. These standards also provide the framework and criteria used to create detailed, project-specific QAPPs when needed for each new program, based on the fundamentals of assuring quality. We also provide our QMP as an integral part of any proposal that requires demonstration of an effective Quality System in place. This document adds another level of confidence that the activities we perform meet the established project requirements. It is updated occasionally as needed with an incrementing revision number.

Within these bounds, each such project-specific plan is tailored to its particular need and maintained to respond effectively to diverse analytical programs. A detailed QAPP for the project, that meets USEPA and Good Laboratory Practice guidelines for such documents, is included as a part of every proposal. The QAPP supported by the SOPs and Control Charts will comprise our QA Plan to meet the quality objectives of completeness, accuracy, and precision for the analytes of this program. Methods of analyte identification and confirmation are also addressed. The QAPP also lists and discusses issues such as any co-elutions or interferences for the program. Our QAPP meets or exceeds all the QA batch requirements required by USEPA, NOAA, and the USFWS, including analysis of calibration checks, frequency, determination of MDL, reagent blanks, and measures of accuracy and precision (such as laboratory duplicates, matrix spikes and control charts). It includes our plan to measure our Limits of Detection (Minimum Detection Limits, or MDLs) annually. It also addresses our plan for the production of Control Charts for ensuring the standards of precision and accuracy required by the client.

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