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Investigations of Chemosynthetic Communities on the Lower Continental Slope of the Gulf of Mexico

Post Cruise Reports

Final Report

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Alvin Explores the Deep Northern Gulf of Mexico Slope

Harry Roberts, et al 2007. EOS Vol 88 (35), 28 August 2007, pp 341–348.

Exploration of the Deep Gulf of Mexico Slope Using DSV Alvin: Site Selection and Geologic Character

Roberts, H. H., C. R. Fisher, J. M. Brooks, B. Bernard, R. S. Carney, E. Cordes, W. Shedd, J. Hunt, Jr., S. Joye, I. R. MacDonald, and C. Morrison 2007. Exploration of the deep Gulf of Mexico slope using DSV Alvin: Site selection and geologic character: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions, v. 57, p. 647-659.

Cold Seeps and Associated Communities of the Gulf of Mexico (coming soon)

Charles Fisher, Harry Roberts, Erik Cordes and Bernie Bernard 2007. Oceanography Vol 20 Num 4, pp 68-79.

Cold seeps of the deep Gulf of Mexico: Community structure and biogeographic comparisons to Atlantic equatorial belt seep communities

Erik E. Cordes, Susan L. Carney, Stephane Hourdez, Robert S. Carney, James M. Brooks, Charles R. Fisher, Deep-Sea Research I 54 (2007) 637653.

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