Paul began his career at Humble Geochemical where he was tasked with method development, instrument maintenance, and general lab and project management.  He then joined Baseline Resolution where he continued developing and optimizing specialized pyrolysis and hydrocarbon separation methods for onshore and offshore petroleum systems.  These specialized methods became the standard for Baseline’s Global Network of Laboratories, ensuring that high quality and consistency were globally available within the lab network.  Paul then worked with his staff to obtain an ISO-9001 certification and began establishing a PVT laboratory for the marriage of geochemical and engineering data.

Weatherford International purchased both Humble and Baseline in 2007 and 2008 respectively, at which point Paul became the General Manager of Global Geochemical operations, including instrument manufacturing (the Source Rock Analyzer), geochemical software/database development, and the newly acquired Interpretive Services Group (formerly OilTracers LLC).  In 2018, Weatherford spun off the laboratory group to Stratum Reservoir where Paul began exploring new business development opportunities before joining TDI-Brooks.

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