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About TDI Brooks

TDI-Brooks are pioneers in offshore geochemical exploration and heat flow measurement.

We are a scientific data acquisition services company specializing in multi-disciplinary oceanographic projects covering; offshore geotechnical field services, environmental baseline surveys, geochemical “seep hunting” exploration and heat flow for oil and gas, offshore survey projects including oil & gas, wind farm, metocean, seabed mining, dredging, LNG and  multi-disciplinary oceanographic and high-end environmental chemistry, renewables and marine sciences.

Our environmental, geochemical, and geotechnical services are complimented by onshore laboratories located in College Station, Texas just North of Houston. Our laboratories are staffed with highly skilled scientists and chemists who have worked in partnership with federal and state agencies as well as the private energy and environmental industry for over 25 years.

About Our Programs

Since 1996, TDI-Brooks has collected over 50,000 deep water piston core sediment samples and heat flow stations for every major oil company, in areas such as the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico (USA and Mexico), the Mediterranean, the North Atlantic, and offshore Brazil and West Africa.

In addition to conducting numerous private coring programs, TDI-Brooks also has extensive consortium Surface Geochemical Exploration (SGE) and Heat Flow (HF) program data available for sale. Several new consortium programs are ongoing globally and being planned for the future. Please visit our News & Publications section for more details.

For more information about purchasing any of our data or conducting new programs, please contact Dr. James Brooks at +979-693-3446 ( or Melissa Wood at +713-208-1734 ( You can also contact us via our general email address at

Latest News from TDI Brooks



TDI-Brooks recently completed a Geotechnical Site Investigation for Beacon Exploration & Production LLC (“BOE”) in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. The project consisted of ‘heavy’ geotechnical coring/ cone penetration testing (“CPT”) with TDI-Brooks’ research...

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TDI-Brooks Responds to Hurricane Ida

In the wake of Hurricane Ida, TDI-Brooks is expressing interest in providing seabed survey services to expedite the recommencement of your GOM operations. TDI-Brooks are involved with the current BSEE mandated pipeline inspection protocols for the 2021 GOM hurricanes....

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TDI-Brooks International, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years!

Take a walk down memory lane with us as TDI-Brooks celebrates our 25th Anniversary.   TDI-Brooks has a staff of nearly one-hundred individuals including fourteen (14) Ph.D. level oceanographers, geochemists, biologists, and geologists, many of which are Texas...

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