TDI-Brooks have been awarded a surface geochemical exploration program (SGE) in deepwater blocks off Colombia. The program will include acquisition and analyses of 105 piston cores in COL-1, 2, 6 and 7 in 3,700 to 4,100m water depth. TDI-Brooks has a long-history of conducting (SGE) coring programs in Colombia as shown in Figure 1 . TDI-Brooks has acquired several thousand cores in Colombia over the last 20+ years.

TDI-Brooks has two (2) multi-use oceanographic research vessels that are outfitted to acquire cores out to 4,000 meters water depth. These are the R/V GYRE and R/V PROTEUS. For this project, they will be using the R/V GYRE with fieldwork expected in 2Q of 2023.

The R/V GYRE is outfitted with a full seep hunting kit including a newly installed Kongsberg EM-304 (1×1) hull-mounted multibeam (MBES) kit and Edgetech HM3300 Chirp subbottom profiler with a 4×4 Masa TR-1075 transducer array. The vessel has geotechnical and geochemical coring, heat flow, CPT and other sampling capabilities. The GYRE has conducted over the last several years two (2) large wide area MBES/backscatter/plume detection projects for TGS for their MSGBC (Senegal, Gambia and GB)  and Nigeria multi-client seep hunting projects (see Figure 2). These programs involved ~200,000 km2 of MBES acquisition and hundreds of cores and heat flow (HF) acquisitions. The GYRE is outfitted with TDI-Brooks’ full coring kit with USBL positioning along with heat flow probes.


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TDI-Brooks is a 25-year old research and service company specializing in geotechnical and offshore survey projects; multi-disciplinary oceanographic and environmental projects; surface geochemical exploration; and high-end environmental chemistry for IOC and OSWF clients along federal and state agencies. TDI-Brooks acquires, processes and interprets geological, geophysical and geotechnical data to assist in assessing the suitability of offshore sites for wind farms and their infrastructure. We have extensive experience, providing detailed analyses of the seabed and accurate assessments of subsurface conditions for offshore windfarm sites.

TDI-Brooks has a staff of nearly one-hundred individuals including fourteen Ph.D. level oceanographers, geochemists, biologists and geologists. TDI-Brooks is a privately held corporation in Texas, incorporated in 1996, headquartered in College Station, TX with remote domestic offices located in Houston, TX and Denver, CO and strategically placed offices around the globe. The company has international affiliates in Port Harcourt, Nigeria (TDI-Brooks Nigeria Ltd.) and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (GSI-Brooks) with branch offices in Colombia (TDI-Brooks Sucursal Colombia), Mexico (TDI-Brooks Mexico) and Cote d’Ivoire

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