The R/V PROTEUS has been working continuously the last six (6) months on a series of projects in Grenada, Aruba, Colombia, Mexico, French Guiana and now Morocco. In November the PROTEUS completed a six (6) week-long EBS and MBES survey project in French Guiana for TOTAL through Creocean.  

Following completion of the French Guiana project in mid-December, the vessel transited to Morocco for a 3 month-long MBES/surface geochemical exploration (SGE) coring and heat flow program.

The R/V PROTEUS provided acquisition of MBES, backscatter/plume data, acquisition of piston cores in water depths from 100m to 2,500m, acquisition of several Heat Flow probe measurements and associated geochemical analysis for piston cores including screening analyses followed by aliphatic and aromatic biomarker analysis.

TDI-Brooks has a significant surface geochemical exploration (SGE) coring and heat flow (HF) database in the program area from three (3) previous SGE/HF programs for SHELL, CHEVRON and PURA VIDA. Most all the historical SGE/HF databases in Morocco and NW Africa are TDI-Brooks’ programs.

TDI-Brooks has conducted most all the surface geochemical exploration (SGE) coring and heat flow (HF) programs worldwide over the last 20-years. Since we formed TDI-Brooks in 1996, we have collected >25,000 cores and >2,000 HF sites offshore including previous cores in Morocco.

The PROTEUS alone has acquired over the last three (3) years ~3,000 core and heat flow sites in Mexico, Colombia, Suriname, Guyana, Cote d’Ivoire and Trinidad & Tobago with no recordable incidences.

TDI-Brooks maintains a multitude of partnerships across the globe to provide expert turnkey solutions to our clients. In conjunction with our offshore geotechnical programs, TDI-Brooks offers a comprehensive suite of high-quality analytical services and scientific interpretation with a focus on petroleum geochemistry, surface geochemical exploration, oil spill response, environmental chemistry, and environmental assessments. We have established a highly technical, state-of-the-art laboratory facility in College Station, Texas, staffed with competent and highly accomplished staff proficient in geochemical and environmental chemistry as well as in biological, geological and physical oceanography.

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