Figure 1 – Vessel Deployments/Availability – May 2017

R/V PROTEUS (Fig 1, Ref 1)

The R/V PROTEUS began last week an aggressive two (2) month deployment schedule with a series of awarded projects in Grenada, Aruba, Colombia and Mexico.  The project that began last week in Grenada involves three (3) site surveys with an environmental baseline survey (EBS) component.  After completion of this ~8-10 day survey/EBS project the PROTEUS will transit over to Aruba and conduct another 10-day EBS project for REPSOL through the French environmental firm, Creocean.  After completion of this Aruba project in late May, the vessel will transit over to Colombia to conduct an ultra deep-water (~4,000m) geotechnical project comprising of Jumbo Piston Cores (JPC)/CPT-Stingers with advanced geochemistry analysis for Anadarko in COL-1 & 2. Finally, after completion of this project in Colombia the PROTEUS will transit to Tampico, Mexico to conduct an 18-20 day EBS project in the Perdido area for an IOC Client through AMEC Foster Wheeler.

The R/V PROTEUS is available for projects in Mexico or Northern South America (NSA) starting mid-July.  Plans for the vessel in the 3rd/4th Qtrs. are awaiting the next round of project awards.  In addition to Mexico, we have projects in play for the vessel in the 3rd/4th Qtrs. in W/NW Africa and Brazil.  The PROTEUS is outfitted with TDI-Brooks’ complete geotechnical tool kit including 20-m JPCs and 40-m CPT-Stinger/Sampler capabilities along with other TDI-Brooks standard SGE, HF, and survey, EBS, etc. services, including a Kongsberg EM-710 (1×1) hull-mounted MBES for surveys to ~2,500-m wd.

R/V GYRE (Fig 1, Ref 2)

The R/V GYRE is currently back in Texas after working the spot market conducting mostly EBS, site survey and geotechnical projects the last year in West Africa. The GYRE is currently in the shipyard in Port Arthur, Texas for its 5-year ABS class/loadline inspection/maintenance period and most likely will return to West Africa in the 3rd Qtr. The GYRE is outfitted for 2-D HR and analog site surveys, MBES (EM-1002), 20-m Jumbo Piston Coring (JPC), 40-m CPT-Stinger acquisition, regular geochemical and geotechnical coring, metocean, heat flow and environmental baseline studies (EBS).

R/V BROOKS McCALL (Fig 1, Ref 3)

The R/V BROOKS McCALL (BMCC) remains operational in the Gulf of Mexico and available for spot charters in the Gulf of Mexico or the US East Coast/Caribbean out of its homeport of Freeport, TX.   In mid-May it will begin about 6-weeks of projects including an EBS sampling project with Lloyd Engineering scheduled in the Port Isabel and Freeport areas in late May.  Ion Geophysical is going to use the BMCC to test geophysical equipment for 10-14 days starting in late May/early June. In mid-June TDI-Brooks will begin the acquisition of ~85 cores which is the first part of the larger 250+ core TGS OTOS seep-hunting project in the northern Gulf that is an analog to the TGS Gigante project in Mexico.  The project also involves heat flow and JPC acquisition.  Also over the next few months, TDI-Brooks have several smaller pipeline and debris survey projects that we will conduct for WILLIAMS in the Main Pass and Mobile areas of the GoM. We are also expecting the award of a survey and EBS project in the Bahamas for a July acquisition.  In summary, the BMCC is pretty committed in May/June, but becomes available for other project work in July.

The BMCC’s primary market niche in the Gulf is geotechnical coring including 20-m JPC and 40-m CPT-Stinger acquisition.  TDI-Brooks has added to our geotechnical tool kit the ability to take Shelby tube samples to 40-m with our CPT-Sampler.  The BMCC is also available for pipeline hazard, debris mapping, P-Cable, MBES, metocean, sand search, and environmental studies.

3rd Party Deployments.  TDI-Brooks can offer our coring/CPT, HF, EBS and other services off 3rd party vessels.  TDI-Brooks has been awarded an EBS project in Mexico that we will conduct starting in late May.  We will mobilize our winches, A-Frame and EBS kit on this vessel next week in Fouchon, LA and go to Tampico to clear-in to Mexico before conducting a weeklong EBS survey for a major IOC in the Perdido area of northern Mexico.  This vessel along with our EBS tool kit is available for other EBS survey work in Mexico. TDI-Brooks is also going to provide USBL navigational support for the ROV component of another EBS project in Mexico in late May/early June on a 3rd party vessel.

TDI-Brooks operates all of our vessels on the spot market for various research and oil company service projects.  All the TDI-Brooks vessels are outfitted for our market niches of geochemical, geotechnical and environmental sampling and heat flow acquisition.  Most are also available for hazard, bathymetry and metocean projects.   The vessels are available for charter by Clients for other purposes. TDI-Brooks operates these vessels under its own Safety Management System and DOC. Additional details on the vessels and our services can be found on our web site:  Please let us know if you would like to schedule a meeting to learn more about our service and/or discuss chartering services on any of our TDI-Brooks’ research vessels, James M. Brooks ( or Melissa Wood (