TDI-Brooks is excited to add to their toolbox the first US-based NORBIT WINGHEAD system supplied and supported by Seahorse Geomatics. This is the first dual head WINGHEAD sold in North America. Adding the WINGHEAD to our array of survey services will allow TDI Brooks to offer professional seabed surveys in a more efficient manner.NORBIT raises the bar of innovation in the marketplace with is WINGHEAD system, adding it to the small list of high resolution multibeam echo sounders on the market. This new tightly integrated 1024 beams, 0.5 x 0.9 degrees of resolution, frequency agile 200-700kHz echo sounder, with a software conceived to make the hydrographer’s work more productive, and with its distinctive NORBIT curved receiver array, represents a radical departure from any other sonar in this category.

This ultrahigh resolution sonar is conceived to exceed the performance of the vast majority of multibeam systems offered today. The WINGHEAD sonar also facilitates unmatched professional level performance on more platforms than ever, with a carefully designed form factor and with a weight in air of less than 7kg (including mounting brackets and GNSS/INS).

In the renewable energy market, some of the largest windfarm construction companies have mandated higher standards for their bathymetry surveys. WINGHEAD, with its extreme portability and high specifications, will allow TDI Brooks to expand services in the renewable energy sector.

In the offshore, nearshore, and inland markets, the WINGHEAD will allow for high resolution shallow water geohazard and river surveys along with bridge inspections. The WINGHEAD bathymetry can also be combined with an integrated LiDAR to collect data above and below water. The combined multibeam and LiDAR solution provides a complete 3D, georeferenced image. All data is collected simultaneously, and 3D images can be obtained in real time

TDI-Brooks has a long-standing relationship with Seahorse Geomatics who have always provided trusted support and exceptional service. Seahorse Geomatics provides support & products for seafloor mapping, offshore positioning and underwater detection.

TDI-Brooks looks forward to delivery of the WINGHEAD system.

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