In an effort to enhance mapping efficiency, TDI-Brooks upgraded the multibeam (MBES) system on their vessel RV Gyre from the Kongsberg Maritime EM 302 to the EM 304 MKI. The EM 304 MKI is the successor of the highly acclaimed EM 302 which provides an increase of 75% swath performance at 6,000 meters. The EM 304 MKI can map shallow-to-medium water depths with high resolution and still map the deepest depths with great coverage.

The modular, state-of-the-art EM304 MKI performs accurate, high resolution seabed mapping in shallow to deep waters at depths of more than 11,000 meters. The evolution of the EM 304, the EM 304 MKI broad range of functionality supports simultaneous collection of multiple data types, saving time in the planning, execution and analysis phase. A low noise echo sounder, EM 304 MKI with ocean depth capability delivers superior data requiring minimal post-processing.

The electronic boards in the topside unit were redesigned to produce lower internal self-noise, leading to more favorable Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), which can result in cleaner, more accurate data. The frequency range used by the system was increased from 26 to 32 kilohertz to 20 to 32 kilohertz. The new frequency range is also predicted to allow for efficient mapping in even deeper water than before, now 11,000 meters (6.8 miles) versus the 6,000-meter (3.7-mile) depth limit of the ship’s previous multibeam system.

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