TDI-Brooks recently completed two (2) EPOS projects in Mexico for TOTAL in Blk. 2 (Perdido) and Capricorn Energy Mexico (CAIRN) in Blk. 9 (Sureste Basin). The Blk. 2 EPOS program was in deep-water (~3,300 m) offshore northern Mexico, while the CAIRN project was a shallow water project. These were the first EPOS programs completed in this COVID work environment.

In order to minimize risk and avoid local quarantines at Mexican ports, TDI-Brooks mobilized one of its four (4) multi-use oceanographic research vessels, R/V EMMA McCALL (see below), from Texas to conduct this program on a 25-day cruise leg with short, restricted port calls in Tampico for inward and outward clearances.
The cruise was conducted successfully acquiring >45 sediment and >22 CTD-water stations in these blocks. Sediment sampling involved box core (BC) acquisition which included photographic documentation of the seafloor at each site (see below) with a benthic camera attached to the BC. The box core sediments were subsampled for macroinfauna, meiofauna, sediment chemistry and redox profiles.

At each sediment site for the deep-water study, sediment profile imaging (SPI) and planar photography was also conducted with TDI-Brooks’ Ocean Imaging Systems SPI (see below).

At selected water column sites CTD/water/rosette casts were acquired. On the deep water program, plankton nets were also deployed and lowered ADCP measurements were acquired to measure current profiles.

In the past 3 years, TDI-Brooks has acquired nineteen (19) EBS or EPOS programs in Mexico for eight (8) major Oil & Gas firms all safely and efficiently without any incidences. TDI-Brooks remains focused on the planning, acquisition, post-drilling and analytical components of these ASEA required EBS/EPOS projects. We team with Maxon Consulting who provides the regulatory and interpretative reporting components.
Environmental Baseline Studies are often required in offshore prospects as a defense against potential litigation, to satisfy leasing stipulations, and as good faith measures in responsible environmental stewardship. When performed in conjunction with TDI-Brooks’ survey or geotechnical programs, TDI-Brooks is able to leverage our experience, logistical support, and presence to provide cost effective EBSs conducted under the stringent HSE standards that industry demands, thereby providing our client with timely solutions to environmental concerns backed with the highest scientific and technical credibility.

TDI-Brooks has several vessel options to acquire EBS/EPOS, geotechnical, survey, metocean and other services in Mexico. Our vessels are outfitted with TDI-Brooks full EBS capabilities including USBL navigation, box cores, plankton nets, CTD/rosette/bottle sampling devices, SPI, benthic cameras, sieve tables, etc.

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