Research Vessel Nautilus






The Nautilus is a DP2 vessel outfitted with TDI-Brooks’ complete geotechnical tool kit including our suite of innovative geotechnical tools for soil sampling and measurement . These include our 0.5 and 1 meter box corers (BC), 6 and 9 meter piston corers (PC), 20 meter jumbo piston corers (JPC), cyclic t-bar instrument (TBAR), piezocone penetrometers including our 40 meter CPT-Stinger and our 10 meter Gravity CPT tool (gCPT), our newly acquired Geomil Manta-200 CPT, Neptune 3K & 5K vibrocorers and pneumatic vibrocorer.

The Nautilus will have a Reson 7150-F Dual frequency 12 and 24kHz (2° x 2° at 12kHz, 1° x 1° at 24kHz) full ocean depth system. Typical operating depth range is 6000m with a max operating range for the system of ~12800m at 12kHz. This MBES makes the vessel ideal for cable route surveys,  surface geochemical “seep-hunting” (SGE) and seabed heatflow surveys (HF).


This vessel is well suited for the following applications:
  • • Seabed Geotechnical Coring and Measurements
    • Seabed Geochemical “Seep-Hunting” (SGE)
    • Seabed Heat Flow Surveys (HF)
    • 2DHR Seismic Multi Channel Geophysical Site Surveys
    • Pipeline Damage Assessments and Inspection
    • Offshore Wind Foundation and Cable Route Surveys

The Nautilus is operated within a robust Safety Management System and all vessels are regularly vetted by client marine assurance groups and a part of the OCIMF Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID).

Our field services are supplemented by high quality environmental, geochemical and geotechnical laboratories with a staff of nearly one-hundred individuals including fourteen Ph.D. level oceanographers, geochemists, biologists and geologists.



Principal Specifications


Operator TDI-Brooks International, Inc.
Registry Vanuatu, Port Vila
Home Port Freeport, TX
Radio Call Sign 9HA4507

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