TDI-Brooks International is making available online a selection of our scientific publications. These articles are an excellent source of information about geotechnical, SGE and heat flow studies. They can be viewed online or downloaded for printing using Adobe Acrobat. To find out more about any of our publications, please contact Dr. James M. Brooks, Dr. Bernie Bernard or Dr. Gary Wolff.

GeoChemical Publications

Noble et al 2016 Kofiau and Cendrawasih bay frontier basin exploration: from joint studies to post-drill assessmentRon Noble, Phillip Teas, John Decker, Tim Colin McCullagh, Deddy Sebayang, Dan Orange, ResearchGate, March 2018 

Thermophilic endospores associated with migrated thermogenic hydrocarbons in deep Gulf of Mexico marine sediments,  Anirban Chakraborty, Emily Ellefson, Carmen Li, Daniel Gittins, James M. Brooks, Bernie B. Bernard, Casey J. Hubert, ISME Journal, March 12, 2018

Evaluation of Near-Surface Gases in Marine Sediments to Assess Subsurface Petroleum Gas Generation and Entrapment Abrams, M. A., Milkov, Etiope, G. and Martinez-Frias, J. Geosciences, May 4, 2017

Subsurface fluid flow in the deep-water Kwanza Basin, offshore Angola, Serié, C., Huuse, M., Schødt, N. H., Brooks, J. M. and Williams, A. Basin Research, January 2016, doi:10.1111/bre.12169

Interstitial Light Hydrocarbon Gases in Jumbo Piston Cores Offshore Indonesia: Thermogenic or Biogenic?, Bernie B. Bernard, James M. Brooks (TDI-Brooks Intl), Dan L. Orange, John Decker (Niko Resources, Ltd.), 2013 Offshore Technology Conference, May 2013, Houston, TX, USA – Document ID – 24228-MS

Seep-hunting in deepwater for frontier basin prospectivity assessment,Multibeam echosounders and seismic data detect seeps, enhancing hydrocarbon exploration potential., Dan McConnell, Jamshid Gharib, Jennifer Henderson , Hunter-West Anderson Danque and Adrian Digby , AOA Geophysics, Inc.; Dan Orange , Black Gold Energy, WorldOil Magazine, April 2008, Vol. 229 No. 4

Surface Geochemical Exploration and Heat Flow Surveys in Fifteen (15) Frontier Indonesian Basins, Bernie B. Bernard, James M. Brooks , Peter Baillie, John Decker, Philip A. Teas, and Daniel L. Orange, PROCEEDINGS, INDONESIA PETROLEUM ASSOCIATION, Thirty-Second Annual Convention & Exhibition, May 2008.


Oil and Gas Seepage in the Southern Gulf of Mexico: Regional Studies of Oil Generation, Charge and Source, Noel Holguin Quiñones1, James M. Brooks2, Bernie B. Bernard2, Joshua Rosenfeld, John E. Zumberge3 and Maria de Farago Botella4.


The Deepwater GoM Petroleum System: Insights from Piston Coring, Defining Seepage, Anomalies, and Background, Cole, G.A., A. Yu, F. Peel, C.H. Taylor (BHP Petroleum), R. Requejo (Geochemical Solutions Int’l), J. DeVay (Phillips Petroleum), J. Brooks, B. Bernard (TDI-Brooks Int’l), J. Zumberge, and S. Brown (Geomark Research), 21st Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Research Conference – PETROLEUM SYSTEMS OF DEEP-WATERBASINS: GLOBAL AND GULF OF MEXICO EXPERIENCE, Houston, Texas, December 2-5, 2001., download text and figures (zipped PDF and JPG files)

Direct Hydrocarbon Migration Indicator, A Venting Feature in Equatorial Guinea , Canales, Joseph A. (CMS Oil and Gas Company), SEG/San Antonio Expanded Abstracts, 2001. download text and figures (PDF file)

Constraining source and charge risk in deepwater areas, G. A. Cole, A. Yu and F. Peel, BHP Petroleum, Houston; R. Requejo, Geochemical Solutions International, Inc., Houston; J. DeVay, Phillips Petroleum, Houston; J. Brooks and B. Bernard, TDI-International Inc., College Station, Texas; J. Zumberge and S. Brown, GeoMark Research Inc., Houston, online magazine, Vol. 222:10, Oct. 2001.

Deepwater Petroleum Systems in Nigeria: their identification and characterization ahead of the drill bit using SGE technology , Nick R. Cameron (United Kingdom representative for TDI-Brooks International, Inc. and GeoMark Research, Inc.), James M. Brooks (TDI-Brooks International, Inc.) and John E. Zumberge (GeoMark Research, Inc.), IBC Nigeria Energy Summit, London, June 15-16, 1999, download text (zipped PDF file), download figures (zipped GIF and JPG files)

The Nature of Gas Hydrates on the Nigerian Continental Slope
, James M. Brooks (TDI-Brooks International, Inc.), William R. Bryant (Dept. of Oceanography, TAMU), Bernie B. Bernard (TDI-Brooks International, Inc.), Nick R. Cameron (United Kingdom representative for TDI-Brooks International, Inc. and GeoMark Research, Inc.), Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Third International Conference on Gas Hydrates, July 18-22, 1999, Park City, Utah., download text (zipped PDF file),download figures (zipped GIF and JPG files)

The Geochemical and Basin Modeling Aspects of the Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous Sourced Petroleum System, Deepwater to Ultra-deepwater Gulf of Mexico, Offshore Louisiana.Cole, G.A.1, A.G. Requejo1, A. Yu1, J. DeVay1, C. Taylor1, P. Dougherty1, F. Peel1, C. Thomas1, D. Ormerod1, J. Zumberge2, S. Brown2, J. Brooks3, B. Hoff3, and T. White1 (TERCERA CONFERENCIA INTERNACIONAL CONJUNTA AMGP/AAPG, OCTUBRE 10-13, 1999, VERACRUZ, MEXICO)

1 BHP Petroleum, 1360 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 500, Houston, TX, USA 77056;
2 GeoMark Research Inc., 9748 Whithorn Dr., Houston, TX, USA 77095
3 TDI-Brooks International Inc., 7171 Highway 6 North, Suite 110, Houston, TX, USA 77845

Exploration Opportunities in Offshore Deepwater Africa, Nick R. Cameron (United Kingdom representative for TDI-Brooks International, Inc. and GeoMark Research, Inc.), Ken White (EIS Energy Information Services Ltd.), IBC ‘Oil and Gas Developments in West Africa’, London, 25-26 October 1999.

Surface Geochemical Exploration continues to progress global deepwater frontiers,
N.R. Cameron (consultant to TDI-Brooks International, Inc. and GeoMark Research, Inc.), James M. Brooks and Bernie B. Bernard (TDI-Brooks International, Inc.) and John E. Zumberge and Stephen Brown (GeoMark Research, Inc.), IBC “Worldwide Deepwater Technologies” forum 1998, download text and figures (zipped PDF file)

Methane in Marine Sediments
, Bernard, B.B., 1979, Deep-Sea Research, Voh 26A, pp. 429 to 443.

A Geochemical Model for Characterization of Hydrocarbon Gas Sources in Marine Sediments
, Bernard, B.B., Brooks, J.M. and Sackett, W.M. 1977, inProceedings of the Ninth Annual Offshore Technology Conference, OTC 2934 (May 1977) Houston, pp. 435-438.

Light Hydrocarbons in Recent Continental Shelf and Slope Sediments,
Bernard, B.B., Brooks, J.M. and Sackett, W.M. 1977, Journal of Geophysical Research, 83, 4053-4061.

Natural Gas Seepage in the Gulf of Mexico
, Bernard, B.B., Brooks, J.M. and Sackett, W.M. 1976, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 31, 48-54.

Geotechnical publications

Geotechnical Assessment for Cold Stacking of Semisubmersible MODU, Jean Audibert, Bernie Bernard and James Brooks, World Dredging Mining & Construction, Vol. 50, Nos. 11/12 – 02/17


An Expert Panel Review of Geotechnical Site Investigation Regulations and Current Industry State of Practice, Alan G Young, Geoscience Earth & Marine Services, Inc., James D. Murff, Consultant, Earl Doyle, Consultant, Bob Gilbert, University of Texas at Austin, Rathindra Dutt, Dutt and Associates, Chuck Aubeny, Texas A&M University, 2013 Offshore Technology Conference, May 2013, Houston, TX, USA – Document ID – 24085


Technical Vetting of Free-fall Cone Penetrometer, P Jeanjean, BP America, Inc; D Spikula, A Young, Geoscience, Earth and Marine Services, Inc, 2012 Society for Underwater Technology, London, UK – Document ID – OSIG-12-16


“CPT Stinger” – An Innovative Method to Obtain CPT Data for Integrated
Geoscience Studies
, A.G Young, GEMS, Inc., B.B. Bernard, TDI-Brooks Int, B.D. Remmes, GEMS, Inc., L.V. Babb, Detail Design, J.M. Brooks, TDI-Brooks Int., 2011 Offshore Technology Conference, May 2011, Houston, TX, USA – Document ID – 21569


Nuevos Equipos Económicos para la Caracterización de Sitios Costa Fuera, B.B. Bernard, J.M.E. Audibert, J.M. Brooks,. Geotecnia – 239 – May 2016


Rate-Effect Correction Methods for Free-Fall CPT Data in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico – An Operator’s Perspective, R.L. Buhler, ExxonMobil Development Company, J.M.E. Audibert, ExxonMobil Development Company


Strength Characterization of Soft Marine Deposits off East Africa Using the CPT-Stinger Method, C.L. Velosa, B. Remmes, and M. Bik, INTECSEA

Heat Flow Publications

Heat-flow regimes and the hydrate stability zone of a transient, thermogenic, fault-controlled hydrate system (Woolsey Mound
northern Gulf of Mexico),
L. Macelloni, C.B. Lutken, S. Garg, A. Simonetti, M. D’Emidio, R.M. Wilson, K. Sleeper, L.L. Lapham, T. Lewis, M. Pizzi, J.H. Knapp, C.C. Knapp, J. Brooks, T.M. McGee, Marine and Petroleum Geology Volume 59, January 2015, Pages 491–504.

Geothermal heat flow in the north east margins of the Gulf of Mexico, Seiichi Nagihara (Department of Geosciences, Texas Tech University), Kelly Opre Jones (Unocal Corporation), AAPG Bulletin, v. 89, no. 6 , pp. 821–831, June 2005.

Three dimensional inverse modeling of refractive heat-flow anomaly with salt diapirism,
Seiichi Nagihara (Department of Geosciences, Texas Tech University), AAPG Bulletin, v. 87, no. 7, July 2003, download text and figures (PDF file)

Application of marine heat flow data important in oil and gas explorations, Article originally published in Oil and Gas Journal, July 2002. May also be viewed at Oil and Gas Journal Online, July 8 2002 edition., Seiichi Nagihara, James M. Brooks, Bernie B. Bernard, Gary Cole, Neil Summer, and Trevor Lewis, Oil and Gas Journal, July 2002

Environmental Publications

Analyses of Organic and Inorganic Contaminants in Salton Sea Fish, Riedel, R., Schlenk, D., Frank, D., and Costa-Pierce, B. (2002). Analyses of organic and inorganic contaminants in Salton Sea fish. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 44 (5) 403-411.

An Assessment of Chemical Contaminants in the Marine Sediments of Southwest Puerto Rico, Pait, A.S., Whitall,D.R., Jeffrey, C.F.G., Caldow, C., Mason, A.L., Christensen, J.D., Monaco, M.E., Ramirez, J. An Assessment of Chemical Contaminants in The Marine Sediment of Southwest Puerto Rico. NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS NCCOS 52. 2007 Aug.

Temporal trends and spatial distribution of DDT in bivalves from the coastal marine environments of the continental US_1996-2009, Sericano,  J., Wade,  T., Sweet, S.T., Ramirez,  J., Launstein, G.G,  Temporal trends and spatial distribution of DDT in bivalves from the coastal marine environments of the continental United States, 1986–2009. Marine Pollution Bulletin, Vol. 81, Issue 2, pp303–316, 30 2014 April.

Ancillary Methods of the National Status and Trends Program Update 2000-2006, McDonald, S. J., D. S. Frank, J. A. Ramirez, B. Wang, and J. M. Brooks. 2006. Ancillary Methods of the National Status and Trends Program: 2000-2006 Update. Silver Springs, MD. NOAA Technical Memorandums NOS NCCOS 28. 17 pp.


Distribution and sources of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in the Southern California Bight, Dodder, N.G., Maruya, K.A., Launstein, G.G, Ramirez, J Ritter, K. J., Schiff, K. Distribution and sources of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in the Southern California Bight, Environmnetal Toxicology and Chemistry, Vol. 9999, No. 12, pp1-7, 2012 SETAC.

Nondietary Ingestion of Pesticides by Children in an Agricultural Community on the US/Mexico Border; Preliminary Results, Shalat SL, Donnelly KC, Freeman NC, Calvin JA, Ramesh S. Jimenez M, Black K, Coutinho C, Needham LL, Bar DB, Ramirez J. Nondietary ingestion of pesticides by children in an agricultural community on the US/Mexico border: preliminary results. J Expo Anal Environ Epidemiol. 2003 Jan; (1):42-50.

Occurrence of Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Mussels (Mytilus spp.) Along the California Coast and the Influence of Land Use, Stormwater Discharge, and Treated Wastewater Effluent, Dodder, N.G., Maruya, K.A., Ferguson, P. L., Grace, R., Klousterhaus, S., La Guardia, M.J., Launstein, G.G, Ramirez, J. Occurrence of contaminants of emerging concern in mussel (Mytilus spp.) along California coast and the influence of land use, stormwater discharge, and treated wastewater effluent, Southern California Coastal Research Project Annual Report 2013. 2013 Dec.

Other Publications

Use of Novel High-Resolution 3D Marine Seismic Technology to Evaluate Quaternary Fluvial Valley Development and Geologic Controls on Shallow Gas Distribution, Inner Shelf, Gulf of Mexico., Timothy A. Meckel and Francis J. Mulcahy (2016). Interpretation, Volume 4 Issue 1, SC35-SC49.

Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Processing Using The Supervised Textural-Neural Network Classification Algorithim, Oscar Garcia, Ian MacDonald and Beate Zimmer (TAMU Corpus Christi), IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Meeting, Harvard University 2008


Relationships Among Parasites and Pathologies in Sentinel Bivales: NOAA NS&T , Yungkul Kim and Eric N. Powell, BULLETIN OF MARINE SCIENCE, 79(1): 83–112, 2006

Thermal and visual time-series at a seafloor gas hydrate deposit on the GOM slope , Ian R. MacDonald, Leslie C. Benderb, Michael Vardarob, Bernie Bernard, James M. Brooks, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 233: 45–59,

Asphalt Volcanism and Chemosynthetic Life in the Campeche Knolls, Gulf of Mexico, I.R.MacDonald,G.Bohrmann, E.Escobar, F.Abegg, P.Blanchon, V.Blinova, W.Bruckmann, M. Drews, A.Eisenhauer, X.Han, K.Heeschen, F.Meier, C.Mortera, T.Naehr, B.Orcutt, B.Bernard, J.Brooks, Farago , Science, v. 304, May 2004 ,, download text and figures (PDF file)

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