After a three (3) year break working mainly in the Americas, the R/V GYRE is currently back in NW/West Africa (i.e., currently in Dakar). The GYRE’s previous visit to West Africa took place in April 2020 (during the early stages of the COVID pandemic), during which time it successfully completed a significant multi-client seep hunting project in Nigeria for TGS.

The GYRE recently underwent a shipyard period in Las Palmas, during which its Kongsberg’s Multibeam Echosounder (MBES) was upgraded from an EM-302 to an EM-304 MKII. The new EM-304 MKII is capable of high-resolution seabed mapping from 10 meters to more than11,000 meters. TDI-Brooks boasts an extensive 28-year track record in vessel chartering and management.

The Gyre has conducted multiple offshore Surface Geochemical “Seep Hunting” Exploration (SGE) and Heat Flow programs for major petroleum companies worldwide. Additionally, The Gyre is proficient in deepwater geotechnical coring, such as 20 meter Jumbo Piston cores (JPC) and 40 meter CPT-Stinger acquisition. The company also offers services in environmental assessments, metocean studies, heat flow analysis, and environmental baseline studies (EBS).

The R/V Gyre is equipped with STARLINK MARINE’s satellite communications platform.  Starlink Maritime, a division of SpaceX,  utilizes satellite connectivity services. Starlink Maritime is the designated name for the satellite connectivity service provided to maritime vessels. There are no data caps on capacity, and users can expect download speeds ranging from 60-150 Mbps, with maximum peak speeds reaching 350 Mbps. Upload speeds are estimated to be between 10-20 Mbps, subject to regional variations and vessel congestion. The maximum peak speeds are reported to be 40 Mbps.

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