TDI-Brooks, as a subcontractor of Drebbel de Mexico out of Cd. del Carmen, successfully and safely completed a geotechnical coring campaign. TDI-Brooks deployed it’s geotechnical coring tools and operators on the Laguana Azul. A total of one-hundred fifty-eight (158) gravity CPT’s (gCPT´s) and eight (8) T-Bar´s in three (3) pipeline corridors was performed.

The TDI-Brooks suite of innovative geotechnical tools is specifically tailored for soil sampling and measurement purposes. This includes a wide range of equipment such as box corers (BC), piston corers (PC), gravity corers (GC), jumbo piston corers (JPC), vibracorers (VC/pVC), cyclic t-bar instrument (TBAR), deep-reaching Shelby tube samplers (SPLR), and piezocone penetrometers, including our CPT-Stinger and Gravity CPT tools (gCPT). In addition to their offshore geotechnical sampling tool kits, TDI-Brooks also offers soil testing services through their in-house geotechnical laboratory.

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TDI-Brooks, a company with 28 years of experience, specializes in geotechnical and offshore survey projects, as well as multi-disciplinary oceanographic and environmental projects. They also offer surface geochemical exploration and high-end environmental chemistry services for IOC and offshore wind clients, as well as federal and state agencies. With over 27 years of vessel chartering and management experience, TDI-Brooks currently operates six research vessels: Brooks McCall, Miss Emma McCall, Marcelle Bordelon, Gyre, Proteus, and the Nautilus. These versatile vessels are used for various oceanographic research tasks in the offshore renewables and energy sectors.

TDI-Brooks was established in the middle of 1996 by Drs. James Brooks and Bernie Bernard. Its main office is located in College Station, TX, with a secondary office in Houston, TX, and additional offices strategically positioned worldwide. The company employs a team of more than one hundred and thirty professionals, including fourteen Ph.D. level experts in various fields such as oceanography, geochemistry, biology, geology, hydrography, geophysics, cartography, engineering, GIS, and CADD. These experts conduct surveys and deliver top-quality results. TDI-Brooks also has international partners in Port Harcourt, Nigeria (TDI-Brooks Nigeria Ltd.) and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (GSI-Brooks), along with branch offices in Colombia (TDI-Brooks Succursal Colombia) and Mexico.

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