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TDI-Brooks successfully completed a third geotechnical support project for DenAr Ocean Engineering S.A. for Phase 2 of the TPOTC Sakarya Gas Field Pipeline Route Investigation and Site Survey Project. The program consisted of Gravity Cone Penetrometer (gCPT) and T-Bar tests. TDI-Brooks deployed their geotechnical tools and geotechnical operators to the ongoing project off Turkey in the Black Sea. During this second leg of phase two, seventy-eight (78) gCPTs were collected in 34 to 2,168 meters of water. They also performed sixty (60) T-Bars in Box Cores (BC) acquired by DenAr.

During the first program in April 2021, TDI-Brooks acquired approximately thirty (30) Gravity CPTs (gCPTs) with their memory standard 15 cm2 CPT cones.  TDI-Brooks’ CPT cones were fitted onto DenAr’s Piston Core (PC) rigs. On box cores, TDI-Brooks provided their Cyclic T-Bar’s using DenAr’s provided Box Cores. This project was conducted on the “DENAR 2” vessel over a period of 71 days in the Turkish portion of the Black Sea.

For the second program in July 2022, TDI-Brooks mobilized their research vessel, the R/V PROTEUS, to the Black Sea for ‘heavy’ geotechnical coring/CPT acquisition. This geotechnical program acquired several dozen 20-meter Jumbo Piston Cores (JPCs), 40 meter CPT-Stingers and up to 40-m SB Shelby-tube Stinger-Samplers. The PROTEUS is outfitted with TDI-Brooks’ complete geotechnical tool kit including a suite of innovative geotechnical tools for soil sampling and CPT measurement. The PROTEUS also has a Kongsberg EM-710 (1×1) hull-mounted multibeam (MBES) for surveys to ~2,500m water depth for performing surface geochemical “seep-hunting” (SGE) and seabed heat flow surveys (HF).

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TDI-Brooks is a scientific field acquisition services company specializing in multi-disciplinary oceanographic projects including seabed geotechnical coring/CPT and geophysical surveys for deep-water developments, pipelines, cable routes and offshore wind farms, environmental baseline surveys (EBS), metocean and geochemical “seep hunting” exploration and heat flow for oil and gas. TDI-Brooks owns and operates four (4) multi-use research vessels, each fully equipped for their suite of offshore services. TDI-Brooks’ geotechnical, environmental and geochemical laboratories are staffed with highly skilled scientists and chemists who have worked in partnership with federal and state agencies as well as the private energy for well over 25 years.

TDI-Brooks was formed in mid-1996 by Drs. James Brooks and Bernie Bernard. Headquartered in College Station, TX, TDI-Brooks strives to provide a professional service to support each client and project by incorporating industry resources and relationships, superior technology and safe practices. TDI-Brooks employs an experienced team which includes hydrographers, geophysicists, geologists, oceanographers, mariners, cartographers, engineers, GIS and CADD specialists to perform surveys and produce deliverables of the highest quality.

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