In a strategic move, TDI-Brooks International, Inc. has entered into an agreement to acquire Gregg Drilling’s CPT cone manufacturing capability in Nacogdoches, Texas. The premises were secured the last week in May 2020, which includes offices, laboratory, machine shop and warehouse space where Gregg Drilling’s cone penetrometers are designed, manufactured and maintained. TDI-Brooks has also purchased assets houses there, including machinery, test equipment, and inventory to manufacture these cones.

This acquisition provides TDI-Brooks full design, manufacturing, maintenance, and calibration capabilities of specialized cones designed for our CPT-Stinger and gravity CPT (gCPT) used in offshore marine geotechnical programs. Purchase of these assets will allow TDI-Brooks to continue to offer a wide array of advanced Cone Penetrometer Testing capabilities, as well as to develop more new features and new tools.

Use of tools such as the cone penetrometer, combined with laboratory testing at TDI-Brooks, enables the identification of soil layers for offshore site characterization studies. This tool consists of a cone-tipped probe, or penetrometer, which when pushed into the soil collects cone resistance, sleeve friction and pore pressure data used for identifying soil type and profiling soil strength.

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The CPT-Stinger installed in a JPC core-head, is deployed and triggered with the well-proven TDI-Brooks JPC process, allowed to free-fall ballistically to insert itself into the sediment like a JPC while constantly collecting and storing CPT data.  Once fully embedded in the seafloor with the necessary resulting reaction force now available, the CPT-Stinger is programmed to extend a rod from inside the barrel deeper into the formation (like a stinger) at the standard ASTM (static) cone push rate.

TDI-Brooks International, Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of offshore geotechnical field services, including 6m and 9m piston coring, 20m jumbo piston coring, 0.5m and 1m box coring, and the deployment of multiple CPT tools including 40m CPT Stinger (PCPT), 10m Gravity CPT (GCPT), 40m Stinger Samples (Shelby Tube), Miniature Vane System and Cyclic T-Bar. Our vessels can also be used to accommodate some third party geotechnical equipment packages. Geotechnical analytical laboratory services are offered to complement our field services.

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TDI-Brooks International is a research and service company specializing in geotechnical and offshore survey projects, high-end environmental chemistry; multi-disciplinary oceanographic and environmental projects; surface geochemical exploration and heat flow; for federal and state agencies as well as private industry. TDI-Brooks and B&B Laboratories, an affiliate of TDI-Brooks, is owned and operated by world-renowned geochemists Drs. Jim Brooks and Bernie Bernard in College Station, Texas.

TDI-Brooks has a staff of nearly one-hundred individuals including fourteen Ph.D. level oceanographers, geochemists, biologists and geologists. TDI-Brooks is a privately held corporation in Texas, incorporated in 1996, headquartered in College Station, TX with a remote office located in Houston, TX and strategically placed offices around the globe. The company has international affiliates in Port Harcourt, Nigeria (TDI-Brooks Nigeria Ltd.) and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (GSI-Brooks) with branch offices in Colombia (TDI-Brooks Sucursal Colombia) and Mexico (TDI-Brooks Mexico).

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