TDI-Brooks International, Inc. recently completed offshore pipeline survey projects for Williams in the Brenton Sound corridor, Mobile Bay survey area along with underwater inspections of sections of the Gulfstream pipeline. The Gulfstream component involved MBES and SSS acquisition.  The Brenton Sound and Mobile Bay components also involved SBES, SSS, SBP and mag acquisition along the survey routes.   

The surveys were necessary to comply with USDOT regulatory guidelines related to reporting the location and position the offshore pipeline. The surveys gathered important information, including depth of cover from the seabed to the top of the pipe, measuring water depths at the pipe and developing a coastline profile 100-ft either side of the landfall of the pipe for future comparison.

The TDI-Brooks vessel utilized for these projects was the R/V Brooks McCall. The Brooks McCall’s primary market niche in the Gulf/US East Coast is geotechnical coring including 20m JPC and 40m CPT-Stinger acquisition including the ability to take Shelby tube samples to 40m with our CPT-Sampler.  The Brooks McCall is also available for pipeline hazard, cable route surveys, debris mapping, P-Cable, MBES, metocean, sand search, and environmental studies.

TDI-Brooks International, Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of offshore services, including seep hunting, geotechnical coring/CPT, MBES/site surveys, metocean and environmental surveys. Our vessels can also be used to accommodate some third party equipment packages.



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