2024 Q1 Vessel Report

TDI-Brooks would like to extend our sincerest wishes to you for a delightful and prosperous New Year. The previous year has been marked by significant achievements, obstacles, and progress, and we are deeply appreciative of your steadfast support and cooperation. Your confidence in our organization has played a crucial role in our journey, and we eagerly anticipate furthering this alliance in the upcoming year.

Please find below our Q1 vessel updates for your review. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance with your offshore surveys or vessel requirements.

An extraordinary event at our Bridgeport, CT facility: the simultaneous docking of our three prestigious U.S. — flagged / Jones Act compliant vessels — the R/V Brooks McCall, R/V Miss Emma McCall, and the OSV Marcelle Bordelon. This unique occurrence underscores our commitment to oceanographic exploration and maritime excellence.

Each ship in our fleet has a distinct narrative of innovation and success. The R/V Brooks McCall has been pivotal in pioneering geotechnical and environmental survey operations, including notable Department of Defense projects, across varied marine environments. The R/V Miss Emma McCall, excels in geophysical operations, playing a significant role in offshore hazard assessments and seabed mapping. The OSV Marcelle Bordelon showcases our adaptability and versatility in meeting diverse maritime challenges.

Our fleet is equipped with advanced technology, featuring high-speed heavy winches, multifunctional A-frames, and the latest Starlink satellite communications for effective ship-to-shore communication and data transfer. This integration of technology, combined with the expertise of our USCG-licensed mariners, and the knowledge of our in-house technical teams and scientists, positions TDI-Brooks at the forefront of operational efficiency and scientific innovation in oceanographic research. ~Richard Byno, Director of Marine Operations


Coming out of shipyard in Europe mid-February and transiting to the US East Coast for an offshore wind deep geotechnical survey campaign.

Available early June on the US East Coast or July for the Caribbean / South America regions (contingent on opportunities / awards in play).

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Currently in T&T until mid-January performing 2HDR survey work for O&G. The vessel will then transit to the GOM for several months of awarded geotechnical programs.

Available in the GOM late January through March. From there the vessel may transit to the US West Coast (contingent on opportunities / awards in play).

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Coming out of European shipyard mid-February.

Available late February in the Eastern Mediterranean / North / West Africa regions (contingent on opportunities / awards in play).

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Operating on the US East Coast performing ongoing seabed geotechnical coring projects for offshore wind operators.

Available February on the US East Coast or GOM

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Operating on the US East Coast performing marine geophysical survey projects for offshore wind projects.

Available February on the US East Coast or GOM

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Operating on the US East Coast performing benthic sampling projects for offshore wind projects.

Available February on the US East Coast or GOM

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3rd Party Tools

TDI-Brooks provides a comprehensive range of marine geotechnical survey services, both offshore and nearshore, as well as inland. We utilize a diverse set of cutting-edge tools to ensure accurate soil sampling and measurement. Our expertise extends to the development of advanced geotechnical analytical services specifically designed for characterizing offshore geotechnical samples.

Our array of innovative geotechnical tools encompasses various equipment such as box corers (BC), piston corers (PC), gravity corers (GC), jumbo piston corers (JPC), vibracorers (VC/pVC), cyclic t-bar instrument (TBAR), deep-reaching Shelby tube samplers (SPLR), and piezocone penetrometers, including our CPT-Stinger and Gravity CPT tools (gCPT).

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2023 Highlights

TDI-Brooks Increases Vessel Capacity and Welcomes R/V Nautilus
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TDI-Brooks Adds Geomil Manta-200 CPT to their Geotechnical Capabilities
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TDI-Brooks Breaks Ground on New Technical Building

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