R/V GYRE.  TDI-Brooks’ R/V GYRE has returned to West Africa.  The GYRE and our survey teams are currently working in Nigeria conducting several MBES, analog and 2-D HR site surveys.  These current surveys will not be completed until mid-April.  Should your company have any such needs in Nigeria in the April/May time frame, TDI-Brooks Int’l with our local affiliate, TDI-Brooks Nigeria Ltd., could provide such services at modest mob/demob rates.  The GYRE’s schedule is currently open as of mid-April.  There is some likelihood the GYRE will move down to Angola after completion of the Nigerian projects.

The GYRE is outfitted for 2-D HR and site surveys, MBES, 20-m Jumbo Piston Coring (JPC), 40-m CPT-Stinger acquisition, regular geochemical and geotechnical coring, metocean, heat flow and EBS studies.

The GYRE will be generally available for projects in West Africa throughout 2013.

OSV RYLAN-T.   TDI-Brooks’ OSV RYLAN-T just arrived in Cyprus for Eastern Med projects after a six (6) month deployment  in East Africa.   The vessel is committed to 6-weeks of geotechnical work at the Noble Leviathan Development as a subcontractor to DOF Subsea.  TDI-Brooks has other projects in play over the next 4-5 months in the Eastern Med and Black Sea, so we expect the RT to remain in the Med/Black Sea regions through at least August.  In the fall, the RT will probably return to the circum-Indian Ocean region.

The RYLAN-T is outfitted for JPC and CPT-Stinger acquisition as well as for metocean, environmental, geochemical coring and heat flow projects. The RYLAN-T is a 2002-built, DP-1 vessel.

R/V BROOKS McCALL (BMCC) and M/V INEZ McCALL.   The BMCC and INEZ remain operational in the Gulf of Mexico and remain available for spot charters.  The BMCC just completed a series of geotechnical coring/CPT projects for Hess, Anadarko and LLOG at the Tubular-Bells, Heidelberg and Who-Dat developments.  Over the next 4-mos it has projects in play for BP at the Mad Dog development, Shell at theAppomattox/Vito developments, Statoil, and others. The BMCC has some limited availability (especially in the short-term) but is mostly booked through July.

The INEZ is available in the Gulf for pipeline hazard, debris mapping, regular geotechnical coring (box and piston coring) and environmental studies.  The BMCC additionally has heavy geotechnical coring including 20-m jumbo piston coring and 40-m CPT-Stinger acquisition capabilities.

R/V GEOEXPLORER (GX).  The GX has recently arrived in Trinidad after completing two (2) surface geochemical exploration (SGE) coring and heat flow (HF) projects for Petrobras in Portugal.  TDI-Brooks with our Brazilian partner, CP+, has been awarded a 1,000 core SGE project for ANP.  ANP is a gov’t agency in Brazil similar to MMS that handles offshore permitting. So the GX will be headed to northern Brazil in the next 2-3 mos to undertake the 4-mo. long SGE project.   The GX is currently open for the next 2-3 months for projects in the southern Caribbean/Northern South America (NSA) regions, although we have several projects in play in this region that could tie up the vessel for parts of this period.

The GX is outfitted with a Kongsberg 710 (1-deg x 1-deg), 2000-m MBES system along with other survey, coring and EBS capabilities.

TDI-Brooks operates all five (5) of these vessels on the spot market for various research and oil company service projects.  All the TDI-Brooks vessels are outfitted for our market niches of geochemical, geotechnical and environmental coring; environmental sampling; and heat flow acquisition.  Most are also available for hazard, bathymetry and metocean projects.  The vessels are available for charter by Clients for other purposes. TDI-Brooks operates these vessels under its own Safety Management System and DOC. Additional details on the vessels and their capabilities can be found on our web site (www.tdi-bi.com).

South East Asia.  TDI-Brooks is positioning coring/CPT equipment in Singapore so that we can conduct projects in SE Asia with pre-positioned field equipment.

Please let me know if you would like to schedule or discuss chartering services on any our TDI-Brooks’ research vessels.



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